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Korner Shop - Full Service Auto and car repair in Kalispell and Flathead Valley Montana

Our Services and Products

At The Korner Shop, your vehicle maintenance and repair is our first priority.  Listed below are just some of the great services that we offer our customers.

Lube, Oil and Filter Change – Lubrication of chassis, Changing of oil filter with a quality replacement, Proper amount of Mobil Special oil, Inspection of all fluid levels, Belts and cooling system hoses, Checking of tire pressures, Inspection of CV axle boots and joints, Inspection of front end and steering components, Visual inspection of seals and gaskets. 

Engine Diagnostics, Tune ups, Electrical and Drivability Diagnosis and Repair – We have the latest engine diagnostic scanners and scopes, with many factory special tools to address your vehicles engine needs. We also have the necessary electrical testing equipment to diagnose and repair shorted wiring and connections, parasitic drains and battery testing and replacement. We also offer ‘Jasper Engines’ as a motor replacement assembly.

Brake Maintenance, Diagnosis and Repair – Including disc and drum brakes, ABS and Traction control systems.

Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC) – Complete diagnosis and repair of automatic/manual climate control A/C and heating systems including air conditioning system leak testing, repair and refrigerant recharging. 

Transmissions, Transfer Cases, and Differentials (axle assemblies) – Diagnosis, repair and replacement of all assemblies.

Air Bag Systems – Diagnosis and repair.

Auto/Truck Accessories and Performance Parts – Bug deflectors, running boards and nerf bars, tonneau covers, cold air intakes and free flow air filters, performance chips and programmers, performance brakes, performance carburetors, etc


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